CONSULTING Consultant Bios

Lisa Werner is the Director of Consulting Services for Fleming-Advanced Outcomes Design.

Lisa has managed and consulted with healthcare providers of various sizes and types across the continuum of care including acute med/surg, inpatient rehabilitation, LTACH, skilled nursing, and outpatient rehabilitation. After working for eight years as a speech-language pathologist, Lisa received her MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As the Director of Program Services for RehabCare, Lisa managed field consultants and planned the strategic integration of rehabilitation settings management to streamline staff resources. Most recently she served as a regional Director of Operations for multiple rehabilitation programs spanning the continuum of rehabilitation care.

She has presented at numerous national and state conferences on topics related to 60% rule changes and compliance, coding accuracy, documentation strategies, denials management, group utilization and productivity strategies, effective management of outpatient clinics, and swallowing evaluation and treatment. She is an active member of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association, American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association (AMRPA), and the Outpatient Task Force of AMRPA.

Since 2006, Lisa has assisted our clients with clinical and financial performance improvement, managing 60% rule compliance, market analysis and strategic business planning, compliance review, RUGs analysis, and case management for obtaining maximum profitability.

Teresa Hayes is the Management Consultant and Director of Business Development at Fleming-Advanced Outcomes Design.

Teresa earned her Master's in Social Work from Boston College. For the 15 years preceding her engagement with Fleming-AOD, Teresa managed business development, admissions, case management and marketing referral development across inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation facilities in the Greater Boston market and managed a team of 24 liaisons. Teresa's areas of expertise include census development, inpatient and outpatient program development, marketing, and public relations.

Teresa has presented at national and state conferences on topics related to program development and volume improvement strategies, meeting quality reporting requirements, education on post-acute levels of care, market analysis, as well as programing and rehab technology return on investment.

Teresa is an active member of American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association (AMRPA) and is the President of the Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts.

As a member of the Fleming-AOD consulting team, Teresa assists clients with referral and admission conversion rate, non-admission review, competitor analysis, bedside sales, utilizing outcomes data to drive marketing, managing 60% compliance, improving documentation for improved commercial authorization, market analysis and strategic business planning, & ACO (Accountable Care Organization) positioning.

Sam Fleming is the President of Fleming-Advanced Outcomes Design.

Sam has worked with inpatient rehabilitation and long term acute care hospitals since 1990, providing consulting services to individual hospitals, large multi-hospital enterprises, and national trade associations. His work with providers includes reimbursement policy and hospital performance optimization.

Sam is the Director of eRehabData, a national outcomes system which revolutionized the use of Internet technology to provide real time analysis and guidance for policy creation and hospital operation. Sam also oversaw the design and development of LTRAX, the nation's largest database of LTACH clinical and outcomes data, which is used for regulatory compliance and operational decision support. Both of these systems continue to be improved and operated by Fleming-AOD.

In the public policy arena, Sam advises the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association on matters of national reimbursement and compliance policy and, on their behalf, meets with CMS, CBO, OMB, MedPAC, HHS, House Committee on Ways and Means, and other policy makers. He regularly presents information to other associations active in matters of federal policy, including the American Hospital Association and the Federation of American Hospitals, as well as regional and state associations.



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